NYC Bowling League – Midseason Report

Midseason Report - Week 4 Preview

NYCBL – Season 4 – Week 3 Recap

Hello Beautiful Bowlers! Week 3 is in the books and it is time to take at look back at our first three weeks of the season.  Lets see at how things are moving along in our 4th season of NYC Bowling League

Current Standings:

Team Games Win Loss Tie Win % Pins For Pins Agst. Diff.
Pin Pals 9 8 1 0 89% 4555 3946 609
Free Agents 9 8 1 0 89% 4111 3742 369
Holy Rollers 9 7 2 0 78% 4514 4035 479
Obviously Not Golfers 9 6 2 1 72% 4302 3774 528
Big Bowler Brand 9 5 4 0 56% 3951 3864 87
Split Happens 9 4 5 0 44% 3581 3635 -54
Trinet 9 3 6 0 33% 3475 3683 -208
Go With Your Gutter 9 3 6 0 33% 3779 4070 -291
Little Lebowski Urban Achievers 9 3 6 0 33% 3384 3811 -427
Livin’ on a Spare 9 2 6 1 28% 4093 4340 -247
We Don’t Give a Split 9 2 7 0 22% 3672 4051 -379
Jake Richards Foundation 9 2 7 0 22% 3560 4026 -466

Team Picture:

The Free Agents are taking the league by storm with a really strong week 3 performance. J9 is leading the way as the favorite for Female MVP.

A No Show:

Our friends at Jake Richards Foundation were a no call, no show last week. I’m not actually sure about the no call thing because I was also a no show. Maybe it is a big conspiracy and we were out partying at another bowling alley. Maybe they have new bowling teams they like hanging out with. Maybe they just got really busy and couldn’t make it. We will never know, unless we ask them tonight and they tell us the answer. It was the first time we’ve ever dealt with this at NYCBL so I decided to score it as follows. JRF received 3 losses and their scores went is as 100 pin losses to their opponents. This way, they take the losses and a lower score without it completely killing their score differential. JRF, we hope to see you tonight.

Movers a Shakers (Team Perspective):

After a 2017 nobody will every forget, despite copious amounts of alcohol, nothing really shocks me anymore. But, if I were to call out a shocking revelation in our first 9 games it is that the defending champs are in 10th place an have only won 2 games. 2 games I subbed for them (humble brag). Livin’ On a Spare is in trouble. They got Navy back this week and have Nick and Igor who have both put up really big scores in the past. Silk and Shawn are having a strong season and Krista is off to a slow start but coming back from an injury. One thing is certain though, you don’t want to play this team in the playoffs.

We had an awesome tilt between our two Simpsons based teams, Pin Pals and Holy Rollers. HR got more total pins but lost the matchup 2 games to 1. Now, every team has at least 1 loss and the Rollers find themselves in 3rd place looking up at the Free Agents. The free agents are scrappy and led by really strong rolling from J9. They have already taken down 3 veteran squads and face off with #1 Pin Pals tonight.

Speaking of veteran teams, Go With Your Gutter and Split Happens are franchise teams that have been in since NYBCL got off the ground. While the rosters change a lot season to season it is still Yon’s team (Gutter) and Bryce’s team (Split) each season. Both teams find themselves with a losing record but I have a strong feeling one of them will make the semifinals with a chance to win the whole thing.

Trinet… I see you. Your team is gaining confidence and improving each week. 0 wins, 1 win, 2 wins, if this continues you are in for a sweep tonight but will have to do so against Go With Your Gutter.

Little Lebowski.. we may need to drug test for performance enhancing bowling. Maybe you are using something that is legal in the dog world and smuggling it out of bark box, who knows. Your last game of week 3 was 100 pins better than your previous high from your first 8 games. While you lost the night 2-1 against split happens, a score in the 490s could be enough to upset some of the best teams in the league. Up is down, down is up, Cats and Dogs… you get where I’m going. If Trinet and LL are putting up solid scores, we could be in for a lot of parity down the stretch.

Who did I leave out? We don’t give a split sits at 1-8 but if their name holds true, they aren’t that worried about it. They have a higher average than both Split Happens and Trinet who sit in 6th and 7th place respectfully so I think they will pick up that 2nd win (and more) soon. Big Bowler Brand is full of great people but they make me think of Levar Ball and Big Baller Brand, and I want to throw up in my mouth. I wan t the Lakers to build around Ingram, Randle, and IT, and then sign Paul George and some defensive length. Nothing against Lonzo but his dad drives me bonkers and I don’t want to see Lebron in Purple and Gold. I digress. BBB is a bit of a sleeping giant in their own right. They have a lot of Season 1 players and have 4 bowlers averaging over 120 (in limited action).  This is another team that can, and will put together a big score. They are very quietly in 5th place and will battle Livin’ On a Spare Tonight.

Individual Movers a Shakers:

N8 of Holy Rollers is getting it done. His average is over 150, he put up the seasons first +200 game and he leads in just about every statistical category. From what I understand, they had a chance to beat Pin Pals in the last frame if he threw a Turkey (3 strikes in a row for the uninitiated). Strike…. Strike….. Seven. We are only have way through the season and Navy had two great games last week but N8 is your frontrunner for Male MVP, to pair with J9 of the Free agents. I’m seeing a trend and am officially changing me name to Cu77en going forward. No more 107 average for me. Speaking of which, I’m a free agent tonight. Not for the team Free Agents but I’m available to bowl for any team in need.

By the way – The stats are posted here

Also by the way – You can register for season 5 here

Okay, what else do you need from me? I’m guessing you want to know the schedule and the matchups.

Schedule Tonight:

7:00 – Holy Rollers vs Obviously Not Golfers (Three Straight Games)

7:00 – Big Baller Brand vs Livin’ On a Spare (Three Straight Games)

7:00 – Split Happens vs We Don’t Give a Split (Bowl three games and then Richards/Lebowski will move to your lane)

7:00 – Trinet vs Go With Your Gutter (Play one game and then take a bye). You will move to the lanes where Richards/Lebowski are playing.

7:00 – Jake Richards vs Little Lebowski (Play two games and then take a bye, you will move to lane with Split/Split)

7:40 – Pin Pals vs Free Agents (Starting Late, will take over Trinet/Gutter lanes for rest of night)